Shihan Siguards Ogrins (Shihan Ziggy) Vietnam ERA Jujitsu/Judo Instructor for the French Foreign Legion, fencing master, weapons expert, was UKE Deshi to Mikonosuke Kawaishi master of Aiki Jutsu and Judo, was relocated to Paris France. Also trained under Shihan Ninomiya (Jujitsu), professor Pereira (Jujitsu), professor Visitacion (Arnis/Jujitsu) professor Wally Jay (Jujitsu) and O'sensei Porter (Judo). Shihan Ziggy is president of Nejja New England Jujitsu, Judo Association he founded in 1972. A lifetime member with USJA since 1958, Former North African Judo Champion (1952 & 53) who had won 24 1st place trophies in competition up to 1970. He has also taught Jujitsu to the U.S. Coast Guard, the Jewish Defence League, and close combat to the French Foreign Legion. Shihan Ogrins served as a tournament official from 1956 to 1976 in over 240 tournaments. Shihan Ziggy was featured in Masters, Founders, and Leaders of American Martial Arts, and who's who in American Martial Arts 3 rd Edition 1987 Publisher Dale Brooks.